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NxGen Global is focused on bringing disruptive technologies to market in collaboration with the tech visionaries behind them. Through its subsidiary, NxGen Communication is engaged on resolving the pressing issues regarding the throttling of the internet as bandwidth supply worldwide bottlenecks. NxGen Communication’s bandwidth optimization technologies deliver a cost-effective solution.

1. Our Environment.

Humans occupy the Earth for a short period of time relative to the existence of our planet. It is our birth duty to keep our Earth healthy, safe and in a better state than when we first arrived.

The Members of the Board regard their trusteeship of our planet as their solemn duty both as humans and as part of NxGen Global’s leadership. Our role as trustees is to implement standards and policies that do not harm, damage or destroy our ecology and environment. Develop and commercialize technologies that assist in the global effort to halt and reverse the destructive effects of climate change and to exploit these technologies while maintaining strong stakeholder value.

2. Ethical Culture.

Trust, integrity and good governance are hallmarks of the Board’s governance approach. In setting the tone at the top, the Board nurtures the strong corporate values that are well entrenched in the culture of NxGen Global, and reinforces the ethical principles on which NxGen Global’s reputation and success are founded. To maximize shareholder value on a sustainable basis, these values must extend into every segment of our operations and business activities.

3. Technological Advancement.

The members of the Board are the trustees of scientific and technological advancement through research and development. In fulfilling this role, the Board shall consider not only the economic advancement of the commercialization of the technology but equally the contribution it presents to humanity and the human experience as a whole.

4. Stewardship.

The members of the Board are the stewards of NxGen Global, exercising independent judgment in supervising management and safeguarding the interests of shareholders. In fulfilling its stewardship role, the Board seeks to instill and foster a corporate environment founded on integrity and to provide management with sound guidance in pursuit of long-term shareholder value.

5. Oversight of Strategy.

The members of the Board are the key advisors to management, overseeing strategic direction and the formulation of plans, taking into account both the opportunities and risks of NxGen Global’s businesses. In carrying out this oversight role, the Board actively engages in setting the long term strategic goals for the organization, reviews and approves business strategies, corporate financial objectives and financial and capital plans that are consistent with the strategic goals, and monitors NxGen Global’s performance in executing strategies and meeting objectives.

6. Oversight of Risk.

A key priority of the Board is embedding a strong risk management culture throughout the organization and overseeing the frameworks, policies and processes adopted to identify principal risks to the businesses and systems implemented to manage those risks. The Board actively monitors the organization’s risk profile relative to risk appetite and seeks to ensure that management’s plans and activities provide an appropriate balance of return for the risks assumed and are prudently focused on generating shareholder value.

7. Independence.

Independence from management is fundamental to its role, and the Board has put effective mechanisms in place to ensure its independence. All direct and indirect material relationships with NxGen Global are considered in determining whether a member of the Board is independent.

8. Continuous Improvement.

The Board is committed to continuous improvement of NxGen Global’s corporate governance principles, policies and practices, which are designed to align the interests of the Board and management with those of shareholders, to support the stewardship role of the Board, and to enhance the Board’s ability to safeguard the interests of shareholders through independent supervision of management. To ensure our policies and practices meet or exceed evolving best practices and regulatory expectations, NxGen Global’s corporate governance system is subject to ongoing review.

9. Accountability.

The Board has carefully defined the expectations and scope of duties of the Board, its committees and management. Transparency is fundamental to good governance, and the Board takes seriously NxGen Global’s commitment to constructive shareholder engagement and clear and comprehensive disclosure and financialreporting.