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About NxGen Global

NxGen Global’s management team has been involved in technology products, services and various corporate entities for several decades. It is extremely difficult to move ideas or inventions to market in a timely fashion, never mind catching a wave. The issues are even more difficult in the technology space because speed to market is ever present, and if not done properly the next disruptive technology has displaced an idea or invention.

NxGen Global is focused on bringing smart working capital, strategic thinking, value creation, management skills and an experienced team to these inventors as opposed to simply cash. We are committed to the success of the inventors’ vision, offering the necessary partnership to see the venture grow beyond their expectations.

NxGen Global's Mission


NxGen Communications

Optimizing bandwidth as the demand for connectivity continues to grow around the world.

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NxGen Controls

Managing and controlling billions of devices in the world of IoT require unique communication solutions.

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