Press Release

October 3 2017

NxGEN Launching NxWave October 17-18 at Canadian Wireless Trade Show in Toronto

Smartphone Accessory brings new life to your phone

NxGen Communications October 3, 2017 NxGen Communications


Calgary, Alberta, October 3, 2017, -- NxGEN Communications Corp. (“NxGEN”) is pleased to announce the launch of NxWave the corporation’s first wireless bandwidth optimization product with the product’s developer and inventor.

NxGen Communications extends a warm welcome to attendees of the Canadian Wireless Trade Show to drop by our booth 112 meet with team members and learn more about NxWave.

NxWave is a proprietary smart phone case that optimizes available bandwidth, resulting in faster downloads to your device at the same time increasing battery life.

Drop by and enter your name for a daily Go-Pro and learn about the advantages that NxWave will deliver to your phone. Interested parties can reach us at 1-888-592-1120 or online at

About NxGEN Communications Corp.

NxGen Communications provides efficient and cost-effective bandwidth optimization and connectivity products and services, helping to solve the imminent issues regarding bandwidth inefficiency and the worldwide issues of bandwidth scarcity. NxGen Communications is an affiliate of NxGen Global with offices in the USA, Canada, and Brazil. See

For more information on NxWave see or #lovemyphone