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MARCH 21 2017

NxGen Controls Hires Initial Development Team Members in Kelowna

NxGen Global March 21 2017 NxGen Controls


March, 6, 2017, Calgary, Alberta NxGen Controls is pleased to announce the hiring of two key energy-management technicians that will join NxGen’s new research and development team to assist the company in the creation and deployment of its proprietary chipset to manage devices in the world of IoT.

Mr. Shamsul Chowdhury and Mr. Curtis Olinyk have been engaged, effective immediately, by NxGen Controls announced Jeff Hoogveld – Product Development Manager at NxGen Controls.

“Shamsul is a talented application Engineer with industry experience in HVAC systems utilizing BACnet, wireless telecom and numerous programming tools”

stated Mr. Hoogveld.

“Curtis is a skilled mechanical designer with experience in electronics and computer programming skills as well as architectural design systems. Curtis and Shamsul’s skill sets complement each other extremely well and will allow NxGen to fast track initial design and testing,”

added Mr. Hoogveld.

Mr. Dan Pacholik, CEO of NxGen Global congratulated Jeff on his first two additions and added; “Curtis and Shamsul are both Honeywell certified technicians which will provide a great foundation for the development team to build upon as we proceed to launch a new innovative solution for managing and controlling devices in the near future.”

NxGen Controls is a private Canadian corporation that is developing and marketing revolutionary communication platforms for the world of the Internet of Things (IoT). The corporation’s initial focus is on energy management systems that aggregate Artificial Intelligence from machines as well as SMART sensors to deliver better energy management solutions.

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