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NxPath® is a patented and proprietary software deployed on NxPath® enabled hardware. NxPath® was created and built a number of years ago by the owners of an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Like so many ISPs, experiencing all the frustrations of different devices from different suppliers, all with different protocols, formats and user interfaces. Hardware manufacturers kept building boxes to solve a different issue, whether session border controller, IP handshaking, or any of a myriad of call quality issues. “Why do we have so many boxes?”

The result was proprietary software code that addressed not only the many interface issues, but most importantly the management of all these different network and bandwidth nuances to ensure optimization, even before a customer reported an outage or problem. Thus was born NxPath® and NxPath Cloud®. With more than 40,000 deployed devices later, the next challenge became the backbone, particularly for International voice traffic. The real question was how to effectively manage the traffic more efficiently, in light of all the latency concerns emerging with Cloud based applications. New software code was developed to deal with all the inherent issues of TCP communication. The results can only be described as a game changer for International backhaul traffic and operators of both VPN and peered networks. Thus was born NxAccelerator®.

NxGen Communications

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NxGen Communications

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NxGen Communications

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NxGen Communications

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NxGen Communications

NxPath Overview

NxGen Controls is a private Canadian corporation that is developing and marketing revolutionary communication platforms for the world of the Internet of Things (IoT). The corporation’s initial focus is on energy management systems that aggregate Artificial Intelligence from machines and sensors to deliver better energy management solutions.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and wireless networks are driving us to a new economy that has never existed before. Countless apps and proximity sensors are popping up everywhere connecting humans to devices of every description from your car to your tea pot.

What this really means is; our wireless networks are becoming clogged as we all watch streaming video on our smart phones and attempt to control billions of sensors and devices that are deployed globally.

The centralized electrical grid systems are wasting enormous amounts of generated energy. The reason being; the consumer demand side of the energy equation cannot be managed. Consumer apps on our smartphones provide us with all forms of conveniences from turning up our home thermostat by a few degrees as we land at our home airport to unlocking the front door from our office.

NxGen Controls is building embedded chipsets that will facilitate the management of these billions of devices, securely and in granularity ranging from a single heat pump to all heat pumps in an entire city. The communication path to manage and control these billions of devices is unique and proprietary to our end to end solution.